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Barrel #50194 - High Rye Bourbon Whiskey
  • Barrel #50194 - High Rye Bourbon Whiskey

    Welcome to barrel #50194. This bourbon was barreled on May 17, 2022 by Bardstown Bourbon Company in Bardstown, Kentucky.  To begin your Whiskey Webcam expereince add the barrel to your cart and begin the checkout process. If this is a gift, put the recipients information in the shipping fields (The recipient will see the cost.)


    So, what's included with whiskey webcam? 

    The all in cost for the Whiskey Webcam experience is $149. You have the option to pay $79 today and $70 for your 750 ml bottle of bourbon in 4-6 years from now, or you can elect to pay $139 today and only $10 for your bourbon in 4-6 years. This second option is a great idea if this is a gift, as your recipient will have minimal expense for their bottle. 


    We know that sounds like a lot, but you are worth it.  Our patent pending process allows you to watch your whiskey age for up to 6 years from a webcam placed inside the barrel. Plus you get yearly samples, a cool t-shirt and many other awesome benefits. Here is everything included in your Whiskey Webcam experience.

    Whiskey Webcam Welcome Package

    We will immediately ship you an awesome welcome package that will include your Whiskey Webcam membership card, a Whiskey Webcam t-shirt and the first sample from your barrel.

    A Bottle of Barrel Proof Bourbon

    Don't forget, at the end it is only a few dollars to receive your very own 750 ml bottle of barrel proof bourbon. After spending 4 to 6 years watching and waiting, this bourbon will no doubt be the most anticipated bottle of bourbon you will ever drink.


    24/7 Access to your Barrel Live Stream!

    For up to 6 years you can login from any computer or smartphone and watch your whiskey age. (The camera is sealed behind glass, so nothing contacts the whiskey.) What a great party trick! We also play some smooth jazz and swing tunes for your whiskey to enjoy.


    Whiskey Webcam Access Card

    We encourage you to always carry your Whiskey Webcam access card.  Feel free to show your barrel's live stream to anyone. Your true friends won't judge you.

    Monthly Newsletter

    We will also be watching your barrel and will send you insights and highlights each month.

    A Barrel Proof Sample a Year for up to 6 years.

    This is the best part! Imagine the excitement when you receive your first barrel proof sample! We will send you a barrel proof sample a year for up to 6 years. Each year your whiskey will get better, and darker as the whiskey ages.​ After the 4th annual sample, you are welcome to bottle your whiskey at any proof you desire.

    Option to Purchase one 750 ml bottle

    Please be patient as we share some language to keep the lawyers happy. Your Whiskey Webcam purchase does not include a bottle of whiskey. State laws prevent us from including the sale of whiskey in the whiskey webcam experience.  You are under no obligation to buy a bottle, but if you elect to buy a bottle, the State of Ohio requires the bottle to be purchased separately.

    So, what does that mean? It means we have to charge you separately for the actual whiskey bottle when you decide to purchase one.  But, we have kept the price reasonable at only $10 (plus any applicable taxes, fees and shipping). We have no doubt it will be the best $10 bottle of bourbon you have ever purchased. 

    You may elect to purchase your bottle anytime after the barrel reaches 4 years old.  Remember, you get to decide the bottling date and the bottling poof!  After 4 years, all monthly newsletters will provide a link to purchase your bottle, or you can also email us anytime at 

    All Whiskey Webcam barrels will be bottled under the Hayner Distilling brand located in Troy, Ohio.  We have not completed the label design, but hey, we still have four years to come up with a label. We will share label designs and other news throughout our time together.

    Bottle your own Bourbon

    When you are ready to bottle your bourbon, you are welcome to visit us in Troy, Ohio and assist in the bottling at no charge! It's a circle of life sorta thing. You watched it grow up, so why not bottle it yourself and complete the circle.


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