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About Whiskey Webcam

Whiskey Webcam is the brain child of Hayner Distilling. Hayner is an award winning distillery located in Troy, Ohio.  What started out as a local marketing idea, quickly became the national website Whiskey Webcam.  At launch we are featuring barrels owned by Hayner and distilled by Bardstown Bourbon Company.  We plan to add more barrels from Hayner and other distilleries very soon.

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If you have a question or would like your barrels featured on whiskey webcam, please contact us via the form, below.

Send us a message and we’ll get back to you fairly soon.

Thanks for your question! you will hear from us soon.

How It Works

Turns out, it is not easy to live stream from inside a whiskey barrel. Maybe that is why no one has ever done it?  But, after many iterations and abusing whiskey barrels by drilling holes (see picture), we developed a patent pending process to accomplish what seemed impossible, and maybe even a little unnecessary to some.

Camera ina  whiskey barrel

The camera is sealed inside a barrel port screwed into the top of the barrel. The two other ports provide the lighting necessary to illuminate the interior of the barrel.  LED lights are used which emit minimal if any UV rays, and we also have a UV filter inline as an extra precaution.

The next step was to stream this camera live over the internet.  We partnered with OBS Studio Software and YouTube Live Stream to provide the livestream. Each barrel has its own computer and webcam. The computers stream the webcam to the OBS Software which encodes it and feeds it to YouTube Live. There are a few other technical steps required, we can't really explain them here as we barely understand them. We found a young college kid who still drinks Natural Light to make it all work.


Finally, we connected the lights and air bladders to a internet switch. When someone visits this website, the lights turn on and the bladders inflate to gently rock the barrel. The rocking of the barrel makes it easier to view the inside and we believe will enhance the flavor of the bourbon over years of moving.


In the end, you have a unique experience, even if a bit silly.  But we know whiskey is all about the experience, and our goal is to expand on that experience. This has never been done before, and we thought it was about time.

How it work
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