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Gift Whiskey Webcam


What a great idea!

Whiskey Webcam is the perfect gift for yourself, but imagine gifting it to the  whiskey enthusiast in your life. 


Your whiskey enthusiast will thank you for years as they watch their whiskey age in a barrel.  They will immediately receive a welcome package with their tee shirt, their official Whiskey Webcam membership card and a sample of their bourbon. Then every year for up to 6 years we will send them a sample of their bourbon as it ages.  

Anytime after the bourbon whiskey turns 4 years old, they can buy a bottle (it's only $10) from the same barrel they have been patiently watching.  They decide when it is ready to bottle, and they decide the proof of their whiskey.  If they wish to visit us in Troy, Ohio, they can even help bottle their very own bottle.

When placing a git order, simply enter the recipients information and email into the shipping information, and enter your information into the billing information.

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