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Whiskey takes time

Whiskey Webcam

It's About Time

It's about time someone put a webcam in a whiskey barrel! And with whiskey, it's all about time.

Our goal is simple: To expand on the experience that is whiskey. 

Whiskey Webcam is the world's first patent pending webcam placed inside a whiskey barrel.  Yes, we installed a webcam inside a newly filled whiskey barrel so you can watch your whiskey age for up to 6 years! We know what you're thinking...that's BRILLIANT!

But wait, there's much more.  

You will receive yearly samples from your barrel and you decide when it's ready to bottle and you decide at what proof you want your whiskey.  If you really like the 4 year old sample you could order your bottle at 90 proof. Perhaps you'll wait it out until year 6 and order your bottle at 110 proof.  It is your whiskey and your decision. That's the Whiskey Webcam experience. 

Whiskey Webcam launches December 2022.

There are only 150 bottles sold per barrel.

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So what does the inside of a whiskey barrel look like? Well, here's a LIVE preview of Whiskey Webcam. The webcam also picks up our radio playing in the background. Your whiskey is mellowing with a little jazz, ragtime and swing tunes.

Whiskey Webcam Logo White Transparent- 1000.png

Time until your bourbon turns 4 years old and you can buy a bottle! Patience my friend, it will be worth it.

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